Our path is not a straight line, it is a spiral. We continually return to things we thought we understood and see deeper truths.

- Barry Gillespie


To enable our customers to grow their ecommerce business faster with complete peace of mind.


We are a team of diverse and experienced executive level business leaders with over 250 years of combined expertise in business management, artificial intelligence and software engineering. A hugely diverse mix of skills and personalities united by our business philosophy.

We live by our three core principles of business; Integrity, responsibility and sincere service. As people we help each other grow everyday to enrich our personal lives and further enrich our customers lives. We are always listening, keeping in touch with all our customers’ needs whilst continuously innovating to stay ahead.


We believe that Artificial Intelligence (AI) plays a big role in making online payments more convenient and more intuitive, with deeper customer insights enriching our customers’ and their shoppers’ online payment experience. That is why we are placing the next generation AI and Machine Learning technology at the heart of our payment solution.

Our Core Principles

We approach every task with the same high standards we set for ourselves. We live and breathe technology and our AI enabled payments reflect our commitment to providing the very best solutions to our customers.


Our products reflect our core principles and our team’s passion in bringing technology and human expertise to work for the greater good in creating meaningful experiences for our customers.

Say hello to our great team who will deliver on our promise…


Bashir Khairy


Neil Taylor

Finance / Advisor

Lee Clarkson

Product Owner

Vlad Sukhin

Senior Software Engineer

Michal Svab

Senior Software Engineer

Emile Bronkhorst

Junior Software Engineer

Usama Chohan

Junior Software Engineer

Roman Szarowski

Senior Software Engineer

Camille Frisquet

Front-end Software Engineer

Thomas Kybartas

Senior Fraud Analysist

Grace E.Y Lee

UX/UI Designer

Fabian Andres

Finance Professional

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