Real Protection, Real-time

Our goal is to save every transaction possible. To deliver on that goal Spiral360™ has changed the way we look at fraud prevention, seeking positive features in every transaction to vastly improve acceptance rates. Denying a genuine customer transaction not only affects your sales but also impacts the lifetime value of your customer.



Spiral360™ is unique.

Unnecessary, fixed rules set by other fraud solutions no longer meet the needs of today's shopper - in many cases they still leave the onus on you to approve or reject transactions. We are the experts and we should take the responsibility of accurately identifying genuine transactions and stopping fraudulent ones on your behalf. Spiral360™ does all the hard work for you!

Our advanced authentication techniques and guaranteed chargebacks protection make Spiral360™ unique and enables growth of your global business with peace of mind.

When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

Three steps to an optimised decision


Thousands of data points are gathered from the moment your customer lands on your payment page, all the way through to checkout. Data is also gathered about the customer from their shopping cart, as well as payment return information.


A powerful combination of fraud detection technology, artificial intelligence, big data and deep learning capabilities build a complete profile of the buyer, which is then optimised via our unique AI algorithm.


A real-time 100% automatic approve/decline decision is made the instant your customer clicks 'pay'. No need for manual verifications and you will receive live updates of every transaction - Spiral360™ always working in the background.

The Spiral360™ advantage

360° Outlook

Every transaction has a story. Spiral360™ builds a complete picture of every customer transaction with intelligent behavioural analytics, network and device fingerprinting, identity mapping, pattern recognition, IP Geo-location and many more identifiers - which effectively differentiate fraudsters from genuine customers. Spiral360™ actively looks for positive features to help optimise transaction success each and every time.


100% Chargeback Guarantee

We trust our technology 100% and confidently offer a 100% chargeback guarantee. This removes the risks often associated with entering new markets including high risk digital services and goods. Sit back and relax, we've got you covered - even on non-3DS transactions!

Higher Conversion Rates

Spiral360™ dynamic technology ensures deep screening of key variable sources that are unique to your business and industry. In so doing, our unique AI algorithms can detect genuine transactions more accurately than conventional rule-based fraud solutions - maximising your acceptance rates up to 95% and beyond.

No Manual Verification Costs

Spiral360™ is designed with optimisation principles and your growth in mind. As a managed service solution Spiral360™ does all the hard work for you, removing the burden of manual verifications and the cost implications of getting them wrong.

Real-time Decisions

Incoming transactions are automatically verified and set for instant delivery. Unlike other solutions which often pass the responsibility on to you, Spiral360™ will make an instant accept/reject decision on your behalf, affording you more time to spend on building your business.

Dynamic Dashboard

Access in-depth analysis of each transaction with our easy to use Dashboard. Our cleverly designed interface provides a snapshot of your entire account allowing you to quickly pick out actionable business insights and export them to .csv and .pdf file formats.

Advantages include:

Instant customer insight

View successful transactions

View reasons for declines

Label transactions as chargebacks

View historical data/latest events

Spiral360™ at a glance

100% Chargeback guarantee

Higher conversion rates (up to 95% and more)

Lower or no manual verification cost for merchants

Seamless Integration - up and running in minutes

Real-time Control - Instant updates and notifications

Peace of mind - We do all the hard work for you


The perfect balance between blocking fraud and allowing genuine customers through

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