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Payments made personal. Made simple.

All your merchant needs covered, in one place

Seamless Integration with your existing infrastructure in under 10 minutes!

Clear documentation with video tutorials

Tokenization keeps your sensitive details out of reach

Customized checkout - the customer never leaves your site

User friendly SDK for developers and entrepreneurs alike - perfect for small e-commerce sites

Instant access to customer support

Level 1 PCI-DSS compliant, so no burden on you


Real-time fraud detection - guaranteed.

Spiral360™ combines Artificial Intelligence with human fraud detection expertise harnessing the power of data to predict and recognise fraudulent patterns in a transaction. Spiral360™ builds a 360 degree view of a transaction to make a 100% automatic and guaranteed Approve/Decline decision. Every reason to grow your online business now with peace of mind.

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Dynamic Dashboard

Real control. Real-time.

Dig deeper into your transactions in near-real time

Historical data / Latest events

Specific customer information & acceptance rate

Manage transactions and refunds

Daily/Weekly/Hourly transactions instantly accessed

Unique visitors

Export all data easily to csv (for excel) or pdf

Customised by you - to suit your needs

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Spiral™ & Spiral360™

Two premium solutions in one powerful platform - made affordable.

Combined Payment and premium fraud protection in one platform – Great ROI for your business

Real-time transaction updates means instant customer insight

Instant access to real customer support

Backed by our unprecedented 100% chargeback guarantee

One world. One vision. Envision.

“Our strength is your Peace of Mind”

Bashir Khairy / CEO